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My Favorite Composer


Can you guess who my favorite piano composer is?


It’s Chopin!

Yes, Frederic Chopin, wrote some unbelievably beautiful piano music back in his day. He is a French composer who was brought up in Poland. It’s amazing that over 100 years after his death, his music is stillĀ favored among many pianists.


Here is my favorite piece by him:


The pianist’s name is Valentina and she has captured the soul of Chopin’s music. I can only aspire to play like her.

I would love to perform this piece solo for a hall like she does, one day…. šŸ˜‰

Welcome to my blog!


Hello there!

Welcome to my musings about life working as a pianist.

Here is What I Live For:


I have been a a pianist since five years old.

The firstĀ orchestra IĀ performedĀ for when living in Manchester was the Hale Light Orchestra. Now I’ve moved to the US and working for a few groups in NYC. Being a pianist/musician has been an adventure allowing for lots of travel. So far I love it.