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Went to see the Nutcracker


My sister’s fiancee’s parents won tickets to The Nutcracker, a ballet by Tchaikovsky that is considered “family friendly” and has allegedly something to do with Christmas. I included the information I noted about the general plot of the show.




The story begins, as numerous plays do, within the lounge space of a large Russian house. You are able to tell the home is huge, because the lounge space is so large you could fit a whole ballet troupe in there but still have space for any tree plus some furniture. The older folks are drinking and the kids are playing. Everyone is dancing. They do this particular for a while.

The clock does several weird things. People dressed up as clowns and soldiers are dancing and it is really puzzling, but a few are better dancers than others. The dancing almost sucks and is essentially just skipping in order to music.

The man provides Clara a “Nutcracker” doll. Fritz quickly breaks it. The man does the half-assed job of fixing the toy, and the mother and father catch on that he’s getting friendly with the kids. Everyone gets shooed out, and Clara will be put to bed. THE WEIRDO MAN IS IN HER ROOM. He sprinkles something on her, which reminds me of the time I visited Bellingham, Washington.

The Nutcracker kills the mutant rat in a conventional, Russian “Whoa! That’s a little severe” sort of method. Clara is amazed. He’s not really also a gadget anymore. He’s a dude in tights. They start dancing.

The set completely changes. It snows onstage, which is usually pretty cool. The particularly good dancers go away.


Clara and the Nutcracker sit back. That is it for them. Today they’re just viewing a show such as the rest of all of us. Generally there is the series of cultural dances of increasing cultural insensitivity. These are:

Spanish: A great deal of stuff taking place. Four folks prancing.
Arabian: Oof. Simply no Burkas here. The lot of epidermis. Dude and girl. Very sexy.
Chinese(?): Oh Christ. No way. Why doesn’t somebody say something?
Russian: Traditional Russian dudes. Very gay and lesbian. Plenty of leather slapping.
Great Dancers: These men and women are obviously very good since they got lots of applause at various intervals.

Everybody recaps what we simply saw (in dance). Clara leaves. She’s in bed again. She wakes up! It was all the dream! Or was it?

The End.