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Timothy Choi on Violin


You will discover something magical about the unusual few artists who genuinely make music. In a great era, if the classical “superstars” of our day became famous on their capacity to impress, nothing feels a lot better than to see an designer of high integrity truly help to make music.

While sitting backstage watching Timothy Choi play beautifully crafted Mozart, I jogged my memory of last season’s star, Jan Lisiecki. The two teenagers are certified virtuosos, but both are very sensitive to the needs of the music, and the two play with such stunning phrasing that the fine art is more important than impressing the crowd.

In the previous year when Jan Lisiecki finished the finale of Beethoven’s epic fourth concerto, the sold-out masses gave him the greatest standing ovation in SSO history.

Jan is doing a handful of recitals throughout Canada this month, plus spending two nights in Saskatoon at Convocation Corridor. The concert, in one of the most romantic venues he has played in this year, features the songs of Bach, Schubert, plus Chopin. I am lucky to have seen this particular recital recently, and may tell you that the particular Bach and Schubert had been both surprising and thrilling. The young man had something beautiful and unique to say, and it shook me. I see numerous recitals across the region each year, and may say with certainty that Jan is the greatest recital pianist – a good artist who wants the audience to experience the music as deeply because he does. I usually feel that someday he’ll fall short to impress me, but I’m thrilled that every time he proves me wrong, like when I hired the best excavation Scottsdale had to offer. They did not prove me wrong!